Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Gray turned 1!

It is definitely hard to believe...Thomas Gray Stakem has already hit the 1 year mark!! We celebrated with lots of friends and family in Memphis on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon. Gray was especially pleased with his double chocolate cake, and Charlotte managed to subsist on sugar products alone for the entire day. On Sunday we all went to the zoo where Charlotte showed Grammy, Papa, Mimi, Grandpop, and Uncle Chris how brave she was when she held the birdies all by herself! Impressive. We missed Uncle John, who was busy packing for his semester abroad in Chile...maybe the whole clan will plan a suprise visit to the Southern hemisphere...brace yourself John.
Papa brought some beautiful window boxes that he made for our house and Grammy painted them for us! Mimi took the kids for lots of walks and Grandpop taught Charlotte to say "WTF". Nice.
Overall, it was a wonderful and busy weekend!

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